Say I love you on the wings of an airplane

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RESUME : While enjoying a romantic flight over the truly luxuriant countryside of the department of Yvelines, a second airplane will appear beside you and then reveal on its wings your unimaginable declaration of love...


Your message languidly cutting through the air with splendor and grace, just like a beautiful white bird.

Dream or Reality ?

Today it's your turn to make the decision...


Sometime between 9:30 and 10:30am in the warm glow of morning, you'll be invited by your hotel's reception or alternatively, the chauffeur himself, to go out to the 1967 Fleetwood Cadillac awaiting you at the foot of your building. Today you won't be visiting Paris - instead, you'll be receiving a celestial surprise !

You'll settle down comfortably in this exceptional vehicle like a prince and princess. Your partner, amazed by the incredible splendor, will start to ask him/herself a thousand and one questions. What on earth could you have planned ?

Tenderly seated side by side on the backseat, you'll leave the French capital and head for the department of Yvelines and its heavenly skies.

The straight and even contours of aircraft hangers will start to appear on the horizon as you near the end of your mysterious journey. Your sweetheart will then realize that a ride in the skies is the key to all this secrecy...


Your car will penetrate directly into the grounds of the airport via a private accessway and pull up alongside an elegant Cessna 172.

As you walk across the red carpet rolled out in your honor, you'll be greeted by the captain himself who'll proceed to tell you about the plane and give you the security instructions in French or in English.

   You'll be overcome by a combination of excitement and impatience as you prepare yourself for the eminently romantic surprise flight.


Before you climb aboard the airplane, your sweetheart will be offered an elegant bouquet of flowers as, up there, there're a million sparkly flowers awaiting you; along with two lemon perfumed towelettes.


As your plane accelerates down the runway and takes off, just like a bird leaving its nest, you'll be slowly taken over by a magically ecstatic feeling...

You'll be left spellbound as you peacefully fly above the green Chevreuse Valley, the Château de Dampierre and the irresistible Rambouillet Forest.

While gliding through the air like two albatrosses, you'll approach the Etangs de Hollande and be able to breathe in its freshwater fragrances.

It's at this very precise moment that your sweetheart's favorite song will beam through his/her earphones...

S/he'll be blow away with total amazement and be left buzzing with sweet emotions...


Suddenly a second plane dressed completely in white will appear beside you as if it were the heaven's very own messenger.

Your two planes will now fly along side each other like two smitten spirits, gliding in tender tandem.


The second plane will then all of a sudden descend several hundred feet, to thus reveal... on its wings... your unbelievable declaration of love.

A few yards way from you, the white plane will make several loops to the left and then to the right, changing directions and waltzing around the sky like an opera ballerina.


The messenger-plane will play out this extraordinary spectacle for around ten minutes, during which you'll listen through your earphones to a selection of music which has marked your relationship.

The two planes will gradually reduce in altitude and their desire for speed in order to touch back down on Terra Firma.


Upon touching down of the tarmac, you'll be handed a smooth glass of champagne before you return to your private car for an intimately romantic journey filled with passion and emotion through the heart of the City of Light's lively arteries.


By writing and gliding your love across the clouds, you'll have offered the angels,

the tenderest spectacle in all their sweet eternity.


    Price of the experience for 2 people : 1990 euros

    The experience lasts on average for 3 hours, including transport, with the departure from your hotel or residence being between 9 and 10:30am.

    Risk of cancellation due to bad weather conditions : 15 %

    Max. Weight : 300 lb per person.

    Please email us within 7 days the five songs that you'd like us to play through your headphones, listed in order of preference.


    What's included in the price of the experience :

    - The return trip in a Fleetwood Cadillac from your hotel or residence (Paris/neighboring towns) to the airport and back.

    - Your personalized welcome including the rolling out of red carpet and the offering of a bouquet of flowers.

    - The 20 minutes flight aboard a Cessna 172.

    - The printing and fees involved in the installation of your message on the wings of a Cessna 172.

    - The aerial display performed by the messenger-plane that will last for around 5 minutes.

    - A bottle of champagne and two glasses.


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